STOCK SERVICE Cotton Stripe Denim Card Holder Color Available : 1. Blue Stripe Size : One Size Width : 15.5cm (fully opened) Height : 11cm Depth : 1cm Remarks : folded cardholder, cotton stripe denim with cow leather inner Attention for denim and suede trims : (Think Before You Buy) To maintain the authentic color of denim and suede leather, this product has not been treated by heavy washing. Therefore, fabric will probably stain on another surface. Please avoid missing and match with white or light color garment. 牛仔布 / 猄皮注意 (購買前請先考慮) 為了保留牛仔布和猄皮配料之原色, 本產品之猄皮配料沒有經過洗水,牛仔布生產前雖然已經洗布,但仍然會掉色的, 這是牛仔布染色的特性。 因此,布料會有機會掉色到白色和淺色的表面包括衣物和椅子上。 建議使用時,勿與白色,淺色衣物一起穿搭。

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