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Founded by Tiger Yau in 2019, dézert is a stylish casual-wear brand specializes in men's & women's casual-wear, caps, bags and jewelry. Tiger has a keen interest in fashion, he fuels his passion by turning design ideas into dézert's products. Our products are unique in style with emphasis on quality, comfort and relaxation. In addition to apparels, we also offer candies, cookies and holiday gift sets. We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for your continued support. dézert 是邱傲然 (Tiger Yau) 於2019年創立的時尚休閒服飾品牌,專門從事男女休閒服、帽子、袋和飾物 。Tiger 對時尚休閒服飾設計和配搭有著濃厚的個人風格和興趣,熱衷於透過創作男女裝和配飾來表達自己的設計理念。 我們的產品風格時尚獨特,著重品質與休閒舒適感。 服飾以外,我們的產品還加入了糖果、曲奇和節日禮盒。 希望您喜歡我們的產品,並感謝您一直以來的支持。

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